Common Side Effects Of Using Male Enhancement Pills


For some people, having a big penis has been their dream. Almost every man wants to have the bigger penis size. The average men still think that the penis size is strongly relevant in their life.

There are various types of penis enlargement products. If you want to take the natural method, you can choose the weight loss. This way is proven to be efficient and safe to enhance your penis size. Or you can also try to use some pills and creams. Some people find it effective to use certain pills or supplements, but many of them feel that this method is useless.

I’ll give you some side effects of suing these enhancement pills.

What are the side effects of using male enhancement pills?

There are some side effects of consuming the enhancement tablets, from the usual disorder to the serious diseases. So here are some side effects of using male enhancement pills.

Rapid Hearbeat (Tachycardia)


This is the common side effect of using enhancement pills or drugs. If you have the rapid heartbeat, you need to see a doctor for the cure.  The doctor will usually give you medications like anti-arrhythmic injections. This is used to return your heart rate into normal. You can also consume this anti-arrhythmic orally. Your doctor may give you vegal maneuvers procedure. The doctor will give you electrical impulses to the nodes of your heart in order to normalize your heart rate.



Insomnia is also the spread side effect of taking penis enlargement supplements. Your doctor will give you medicines like benzodiazepines that induce sleep. The doctor may give you special diet prescriptions. You should avoid any food that can stimulate the activities like caffeine and energy drinks.



You will feel dizziness or a severe headache when you use enhancement pills. This is because those pills will increase your overall blood flow and vertigo is the way on how your body adapt to new state. You should see the doctor for the cure. The doctor may give you benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BBPV) as the treatment. This treatment also includes head exercise to your head. This method is used by the doctor if you regularly feel dizzy. You can also perform vestibular rehabilitation in order to balance your head. You can do it with the therapist or the doctor.