Is It Possible To Reduce Hair Loss With Food?


How Do I Prevent Hair Loss?

Here are a few easy tips that can help avoid the process of hair loss if you’re not battling genetics entirely. Change your behaviors, modify the way you blow-dry your hair, don’t do as many processes, don’t dye your hair as frequently, or if you are going to dye your hair often, make sure you go to a professional hair stylist, who knows exactly what they’re doing. Also supplementation, in this case, can be reliable if you’re doing so appropriately and you’re thinking long term, especially if you’re a very active person.

When I started supplementing, I tend to look for formulations from vitamin companies that are designed for pro athletes because they tend to have the best formulations to be rapidly absorbed by the body to be easily digested. A lot of their formulations, their mega antioxidants, bio omegas, and multi minerals contained niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, biotin, magnesium, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, green tea extracts. They contain a lot of the vitamins and natural supplements and exotic fruit oils that make the difference in keeping you healthy. But they’re not claiming BS. So I think that’s important.

Can Diet Affect Your Hair Growth?


This is such a contested question that so many people ask me and here’s the reality of the situation. It will not change your genetics, will not affect the way your hair reacts to some medication that you’re taking, side effects, or any illness that you’re experiencing. What diet can do though is help give your body the strength and internal pH balance and environment to assist you in combating disease and fight a lot of the issues that do affect hair growth. So, this is where you need to think about it. Hair growth and hair loss cannot be solved in an overnight situation; it cannot be resolved in a month. This is something that you have to think preventatively long term. But having a healthy diet, supplementing properly, being physically active – those are all things that contribute to a better environment to make your hair grow.

Now for some of you, who are desperate, you’re experiencing a severe hair loss, it’s debilitating – products like Rogaine have been known to help. Minoxidil has been tested and proven to prevent hair loss and fix hair growth. That being said, if you stop using it, it stops working. Ask your doctor. That’s something that you should look into for yourself; I can’t sit here and tell you to take something like that. Products like Propecia, which are prescribed by your doctor, are known to help reverse the damages. But if you stop taking Propecia, there are worse severe side effects that can happen. So, there is a hard play here where you need to seek medical attention or advice before going ahead with those actions.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

As a urologist with a general practice I see a lot of men with erectile dysfunction, and somewhere around fifty percent of men in their fifties may have some difficulty with erectile dysfunction, and that will increase with age, a particularly in middle-aged or older men. If a man presents with erectile dysfunction, there is increased risk that they have cardiovascular disease and so would be prudent for them to be evaluated by their primary physician or cardiologist.

Contributing factors to ED

The major contributing factors to erectile dysfunction include poor blood flow and impairment of the nerve signals. So it’s common particularly in patients that have diabetes or high blood pressure.

Treatment options

Often there is not extensive testing that’s needed before a man can be offered treatment. Most commonly men will be offered treatment with one of the pills that are available now. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra has been the medications most widely-known. They are a similar category of medication that dilates the blood vessels in the penis, which allows the inflow of the blood. 75% of the patients that try those will get an improvement in the quality of erection on the medication.

A man can try what we call a vacuum device that involves a plastic tube, that’s put over the penis and suction either with an automatic device or hand pump will pull in the blood, and that will allow for the rigidity of the penis. And then an elastic ring that is soft will be slipped down off the base of the device onto the base of the penis, and that keeps the blood in. It’s not only effective, but it’s actually relatively inexpensive compared to some of the other treatments. It is non-invasive and then not requiring medication in the system, so that’s very popular.

Also very effective is a technique we call injection therapy. A patient can actually be taught to use a very small needle and inject into the side of the penis medication that also dilates the blood vessels. And that medication is pretty successful as well. 75-80% of men that try that will be able to handle the injection technique and get a positive response.

There are two additional options. There’s a medication called MUSE. And there’s a little plastic dispenser that allows a little pellet of medication to be placed into the urethra, into the opening of the penis. A lower chance of being successful but still is substantial and is an option for patients. Again, the mechanism is that the medication is absorbed into the bloodstream and that turns on blood flow to the penis.

For patients who have failed other treatments or who don’t have other options, we do have the surgical option of implanting a prosthetic device. They are very sophisticated now; they can be very effective.

Most men have an excellent chance of having satisfactory treatment of ED with these treatment options, but it depends on what they are comfortable within and the medical concerns that were trying to match up.

Safe Penis Enlargement Pills That Work

Penis enlargement is such a common thing to do as it is highly accessible these days. Penis enlargement pills are definitely one of the best penis enhancement methods out there that one can get. You do need to understand that not all penis enlargement pills are safe. There are some of them that will be formulated through the use of chemical substances. These are not safe to be taken as it might damage your body. For that very reason, it is always better to read some reviews of such supplements before you take one. Here are some of the best penis enlargement pills that are also safe for you.

ProSolution Pills


ProSolution pills are one of the safest and also the best penis enlargement pills that you can get. It is a good way to increase the size of your penis without putting too much chemical. ProSolution pills are made out of herbal ingredients, and it is also a product that is recommended by doctors and medical experts.

These tablets are made out of the best herbal elements that you can get out there. It is made out of natural ingredients such as Zinc, Reishi mushroom, and also Korean ginseng. Zinc will give you endurance in bed while Reishi will improve the overall quality of sex. In addition to that, ProSolution pills contain Korean ginseng which can be perfect for your stamina and strength in bed. You can get plenty of other benefits from this product, and it is definitely safe. Not only it will bring you a better quality of sex life, but it is also known for you to be an excellent enhancer. It means that you can increase the overall size of your penis through this product over some period of time.

VigRx Plus


Other than the product above, you can also expect this second product to be highly useful in male enhancement. And it is safe as it is recommended by doctors and other medical experts. VigRx Plus is designed to not just enhance the quality of male sexuality; it is also designed to increase your penis size.

There are several herbs that are inside the product, and all of them are generally safe for you unless you have some medical conditions. VigRx Plus contains herbs such as horny goat weed which is one of the best aphrodisiac herbs of all time. It will automatically increase your sex drive for sure if you consume it over a period of time. Next, VigRx is also made out of the famous Korean ginseng which is perfect for your sexuality. What Korean ginseng does to you is that it will bring you an excellent quality of stamina and strength in which it would ideal for you and your partner in bed.

One of the best things that you can expect from this product is that you get to buy it at such an affordable pricing. The pricing can be reached easily by most people. For a product, you just have to pay around two hundred dollars per product.

Penis Enlargement Pumps System Review

For those who are looking to enlarge their penis, they might have several options for how to do it. They can do it with penis enlargement pills, penis stretcher, or even through surgery. Despite so, there is one device that can actually work if you use them with discipline. The device is commonly known as a penis pump. Nowadays, you can find so many different kinds of penis pumps in the market. You are probably confused about which product you should choose when it comes to penis pumps. Here are some of the best penis pumps that we can recommend to you.

Bathmate Direct Penis Pump


Our first penis pump is a type of penis pump that uses water or just called hydro pump. The company claims to have at least ninety-five percent of success rate in adding size and cure several penile disorder. The penile disorders here are a curved penis and also erectile dysfunction. According to several clients that have used Bathmate direct, the overall growth might vary around two to four inches. The pricing itself is pretty average compared to other products as it will only cost you around a hundred and ten dollars per package.

The Penomet Pump


Another hydro penis pump that you should take a look at is the Penomet penis pump. It is certainly one of the most comfortable penis pumps to be used out there as it comes with a gaiter bait system. The gaiter bait essentially allows you to adjust the comfort while using the pump. The average growth experienced by most users are about three inches in length and also thirty percent more in girth. It is better to be used in the tub as it is a hydro pump. The pricing is also pretty average.

X4Labs Penis Pump


This one is slightly more underwhelming than the previous two, but certainly worthy to be checked out. By using this one, you might only experience a limited growth in the size of your penis. Most users can only grow their penis size around one to two inches, which is a lot less significant compared to the previous two. Despite so, what is so good about this pump is that it is one of the cheapest penis pumps you might see out there. A package of this pump would only cost you forty dollars. So considering the overall pricing and the result, we’d say this product is recommended.

Hydromax X Series Penis Pump


Hydromax X Series right now is considered the king of penis pump out there. It has such a good reputation of success among so many men. The growth can be as much as two to four inches if you do it with discipline. You can even easily return the product and get your money back in 60 days of use if you do not experience any growth. Sadly, the price is definitely a lot more expensive than the previous three products above. To purchase this Hydromax X Series, you will have to pay around a hundred and eighty dollars.

How Male Enhancement Pills Impact On Your Sexual Life


I’m sure you can get faster, harder and stronger erections. You will ask me how is it possible? How can I improve my sexual life using herbal products? The answer is simple, if you’re sick in some way, you need to take drugs to treat the problem. Everybody knows about Viagra and its side effects. So you need to choose a more suitable product that works and does not harm your sexual activity or health. That’s why you need to be aware of the available products on the market. We’re talking about Vig Rx Plus, Vimax pills, Natural Gain Plus, Enlargel and other supplements that are guaranteed to produce incredible results.

So what are the benefits of these tables?


First of all, you need special ingredients to increase your testosterone level. Aging factor is heavy in this situation. So, if you’re getting older, you lose your erection hardness. Ginseng, Ginko Biloba helps to prevent the process.

  • You want to have erections on demand
  • You want to make your penis as hard as possible
  • You want to load multiple times
  • You want powerful ejaculation
  • Control your body and orgasms
  • Produce more sperm

Stay longer in bad and improve your sexual performance and activity. So, actually, what is the problem?

Test the product

Once you have decided to buy one of the top rated products you need to know how it works first of all. Look at different penis enlargement and male enhancement forums to find answers you need:

  • how to take pills?
  • how to combine nutrition and exercises?
  • what are the benefits of every product?
  • how long does it take to see the first results?
  • is it enough to take pills or you also need make special exercises like jelqing?

Once you have found these answers, visit the official website of the supplement you want. Check for official contact information, product guarantee, testimonials and ingredients list.

5 Popular Clitoral Creams For Libido

Nowadays, there are a bunch of female enhancement creams that are sold in the market. There are different products that offer different excellent result. The clitoral creams for women libido are the popular products that have many different brands. To help you choose your best clitoral cream, you can read the clitoral creams for female libido review below.



Valentra is the water-based cream that is made from organic ingredients. It contains great active natural aphrodisiacs such as wild yam, damiana leaf and ginseng. These substances are beneficial for clitoris arousal, erection and sensitivity. These natural ingredients are the proof that Valentra is really safe for your body. Valentra will also give you relaxing sensation.

Sliquid Organic


This is one of the popular clitoral lube that is made of water. This kind of clitoral creams contains the best quality of organic botanicals. These ingredients are proven to condition your skin, and they are free of harmful substances like sulphates, paraben, etc. This brand is hypoallergenic, which means that there are no skin sensitivity issues in this product. One of the advantages of this product is its ingredients, and its fragrance is so natural. The advantage of water-based lubes is they are smooth and slippery. They are also water soluble. And they can be washed from your body easily. However, this product will be easier to dry rather than oil-based lubes.

HerSolution Gel


This product is said to be an effective natural libido improver. HerSolution is water-based lube that is made of natural substances. You can put on this product directly to the clitoris and labia. Then this gel will give you the great orgasm-enhancing sensations. HerSolution is also proven to solve the vagina dryness problem for some women. However, it costs higher than the average product, so you need also to suit this product with your budget.



This product has also gained popularity lately. Vigrelle is also made by natural ingredients that are obviously safe for your body. It is made of plant extracts and some substances like L-Arginine. You can apply this cream to your clitoris, and you can feel its result immediately. Just like the other water-based lube products, vigorelle is also so smooth and water-soluble.

You can read Vigorelle review and recommendations here



This is the example of the cheap clitoral lubes that you can easily afford. Even though its low price, Yes is proven to be effective to enhance your libido. It’s also made from organic materials such as organic aloe, flax and other plant gums. If you want to try your first clitoris lube or cream, yes can be the perfect choice for you.